Monday, 19 July 2010

The vibes

Paul and Tilo getting deep into computers at 2am

We had dimensions, (but apart from it not being a pristine gallery space) I didn’t know what to expect. my experience of working in industrial spaces has usually entailed clearing lots of pigeon shit - they're not my favorite spaces. I was pleasantly surprised however, it was an office in its former life and so quite intimate in scale - it had a really nice feel to it and they had done a little work. largely though the character of the place remained, some partitions were wood panel and glazed. Ok... So I have to apologise - I don’t have many pics. Apart from the fact that we only had one day to get it together, my camera also stopped working...

The space consisted of two rooms (the second not on this map) a corridor and a bridge. Our hosts were really generous and accommodating, especially Tilo who stayed up (virtually all night) during the installation. We were making an exhibition, but really if felt more like a marathon - not in a stressful way. In fact there was a certain level of ease about the situation, which made it fun. The Sübalkon group are serious about what they’re doing, (they invest a great deal of time, effort as well as money into the project) but because of the mix of people there isn’t the preciousness about status as a visual arts space. That stiff professionalism wasn’t around – I found this rather refreshing and empowering…

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