Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Black star (detail) 2010 Paul Jones

Intuition cuts in when one has to make something urgently. I can’t talk for anyone else here – we all have our own ways of doing things… I never really manage to do all the thinking research and making in the same sitting. It’s more like cycles for me, times when I can’t make, I read or look at someone else’s work. But when I want to make my own, I can’t look elsewhere for months!

So working earnestly towards this show I was very much in the state described above. In some ways I wonder whether it’s a failsafe to stop criticism and doubt from creeping in - disrupting my resolve. It doesn’t make one open to in-depth critique though... Mainly I like to watch people navigate the work spatially, but the few conversations I had were useful.

Black Star 2010 (Background) Untitled Black series (foreground)

I had less preciousness about the situation; the space had its own ethos. Because it had music nights and so forth, there were many coloured lights - we didn't change them. As darkness fell we were plunged into a strange twilight, it felt rather comfortable. We spent most of the night there, some how it was like keeping the work company or maybe it was the other way around...

going the distance @ 3am

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