Sunday, 4 July 2010


'Untitled Black animation' 2009

The natural progression from these drawings has been animation - a very simple stop frame process. My first was shown in the ‘Corridor’ exhibition, but I wasn’t entirely happy with the edit. I decided to re-edit which took quite a while. My mind was running ahead of the process, I was willing the piece to become something different. Also there were some basic technical things I couldn’t get the hang of. I want to show this piece differently to, back projection seems a good option.

As I was on my travels last week I came across, a corporate building with an entirely glazed frontage. One side was frosted, I didn’t have my camera but found myself drawn to a shadow visible through the frosted glass – it reminded me of something I saw in a book years ago...

Sonia Boyce 'Peep' 1995

Shadow sketch 2010

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