Saturday, 10 July 2010


It’s hard to know how much truth/editing is required in this blog business... I’m not a very good performer, I feel more comfortable with the truth (all though I know it’s not often the most attractive option). If I were to tell you that my show is still literally in pieces – would that be sensible?

Well my show is still in pieces, plus a bit of laziness on my part has created more work (I wont’ go into that story it’s too boring!). The pieces thing isn't that bad really – I’ve got to carry the show in a suitcase anyway…
On a more positive note... I used an air gun this week for the first time. Good ol’ Andy down the Mews made me a steel box - at a really good price. This is what I love about sourcing stuff locally, apart from the logistical ease, you get to learn more about where you live. It was a beautiful afternoon and I’m spraying - as you can imagine a girl using industrial equipment is novelty for some. So without trying I found myself nattering to several characters on the mews between coats. It may not be the best of paint jobs, but a bit of wet and dry will do the trick I’m told. The next decision… should I paint it white or leave it grey?

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