Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Homemade boxes

We had a pa system at our disposal… now I can string up a regular domestic stack job – but this was serious soundman stuff. I love music and looked forward to attaching my ipod. First problem was where to put it? It was a substantial bit of kit, we spent about an hour (well it felt like it) trying to find a place that wouldn’t interfere with the show. We didn’t succeed, in the end we built a false wall to hide it.

I made a box of my own, people needed to see what I was seeing. The real depth of the image only works in the flesh. I’ve been taking photos for some time, but photography is expensive. Light boxes are expensive too, but I think better value - plus it’s a bit more hands on. I had a great time finishing the metal box – although I’m sure nobody noticed my (anal) wet n dry job. I put a German (black rubber) plug on – which tucked in rather nicely to a handsome three way circular socket. The box sat comfortably at the end of the wood panel/glazed corridor and was the first object visitors encountered in the exhibition.

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