Wednesday, 30 June 2010

To return

St Lucia West Indies June 2010

How to start and where… it’s been a rather intense period with my family and the heat. Its hurricane season and its extreme; hot hot sun, ridiculous humidity or torrential rain. St Lucia is a place where physicality and emotion seem to rule – well certainly in my case. Its a contrast to London, and to this thing I’m doing called art. It seems very cold right now (certainly in my studio) and complicated. I always get the impression after a holiday that life could be much simpler - its a state of mind init?

But things are not so simple in St Lucia despite the tag-line...

My trip to St Lucia was mainly about my family. To somehow find out more about my (long passed) mother’s side, maybe to collect a picture or two, and talk to my grandfather a man in his 90’s. I did what I intended (and a bit more) and somehow I’m trying to process it, in the meantime I’ve got to get on with this show – I’ve got two weeks.

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